Hi! I am Marcos, also known as Socram (which is the first backwards - yay for originality!), and this is my website.

It's mostly packed with crap I've been at some point interested in. Random electronic stuff, some things on computers, embedded devices, reverse-enginneering, whatever. If it's pointless and time-wasting, I've probably been interested on it.


This website is mostly an experiment I did on static website generators, and it's currently mostly empty. To see all the things I've done so far, have a look at my GitHub, which is where I've put most things.


I tend to have accounts pretty much everywhere - though I have to confess I registered a bunch of them just so nobody could use my nickname.

So, if you want to be sure I am gonna read you, try dropping me an email to marcos@dracon.es or socram@protonmail.com.

You can also reach me over Telegram at @socram8888 - and yes, I do have a Twitter going by that nick, but I rarely post anything using that, so don't bother following or anything (it's not that you want to, either, there's nothing interesting).